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Our illustrious leader (brewer, winemaker, mead master, distiller), Don Outterson, came to Cincinnati in 1987 to help an Australian company build Cincinnati's first brewpub, Wallaby Bob's, at the, then, Forest Fair Mall. Staying in Cincinnati (to get married), he subsequently opened a consulting business to start-up breweries, distilleries and wineries. He sourced equipment, ingredients and expertise. One of those jobs included a trip to Australia to help his former employer open the first microbrewery in the Capitol territories. First, he had to write the legislation to the Australian government. Although he dreamed of starting his own brewery, he licensed a winery in Jan 1999 instead (it was a money thing). Intrigued with microdistilleries popping up out west, he proposed legislation, with the help of Senator Bill Sietz, to originate the craft distilling permit in Ohio. He obtained the first A3a permit issued in the state and started making whiskey and brandy. The addition of his self-designed still prompted an expansion into Cincinnati in 2001 to add a tasting room on Dana Ave. Woodstone used it's potstill to make the first all-Ohio ports and brandy. Another first, a fully aged bourbon debuted in 2005. Many other firsts in Ohio microspirits followed: gin, vodka, moonshine, single malt and bierschnapps. Woodstone moved to it's current location at 4712 Vine Street in late 2013. Woodstone makes grape varietal wines, mead and fruit wines from dry to sweet, small batch distilled spirits: bourbon, blended whiskey, gin, bierschnaaps, vodka, and single malt - peated and unpeated.

More About our Products

As an artisan winery, Woodstone Creek produces 100-200 cases of wine a year. Aside from our menu staples (Cabernet, Merlot, Chardonnay, Niagara, Pinot Grigio, Pinot Noir), many items change frequently. There's always something new on the menu. 


Woodstone offers an unusual range of mead (7-15) based on historic and contemporary formulas. All of our honey comes from a local apiary. Our fortified meads are exceptional. Have you ever had an Elizabethan metheglin mead aged in the bottle since 1999? We've got that! 


Woodstone Creek makes very small batch, single barrel spirits. All produced on a 238 gallon potstill designed by the distiller. We use full size barrels, no chill filter, no added coloring, no enzymes and traditional ageing techniques. Grain to glass, we make bourbon, single malt whisky (peated and unpeated), blended whiskey, rum, gin, bierschnaaps and vodka.


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